"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”

Projects of International Center for Civic Culture are aimed at development of democracy and social and economic growth of civil society in Georgia. We are working on projects that promote capacities of non-governmental organizations, democratic political parties, local self-governments and municipalities.


International Center for Civic Culture supports civic culture, which represents the values ​​of pluralism and freedom. We support the development of multi-party in Georgia. At the same time, and we see and respect the needs of each individual, to be a part of the society. We are working to protect and strengthen civil society within the framework of our democratic culture.


International Center for Civic Culture creates, manages and carries out projects of civil society in Georgia. It generates the necessary tools, in particular, the methods and techniques to help national and local civil society and citizens to increase their participation in decision-making on national and local level, in order to put forward the responsibility, equality and transparency, to explore the establishment of a dialogue, roads for achieving  consensus and make place for peaceful changes.