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Decree №26/2012 - On Approval of Instructions for Registration at the CEC of International Observer Organizations and International Observers with the Aim to Observe Elections
20 July 2012

On the base of the last sentence of paragraph 2 of article 30 and paragraph 5 of article 77 of Georgian Organic Law – Election Code of Georgia, Central Election Commission of Georgia resolves the following:

Article 1. Instructions for registration at the CEC of international observer organizations and international observers with the aim to observe elections shall be approved in compliance with the annex:

Article 2. This decree can be appealed at Administrative Cases Panel of Tbilisi City Court (address: Agmashenebeli Alley 12th kilometer, No 6) within 2 calendar days upon its receipt.

Article 3. This decree comes into force upon promulgation.

Chair of the Commission
Secretary of the Commission

Instructions of registration of international observer organizations and international observers at the CEC, for observing the elections

Article 1. To be registered at the CEC, international observer organization shall be:

1) representative of other country;

2) organization registered in other country;

3) international organization, establishment document – statute of which envisages observation of elections, defense of human rights and activity of which is based on internationally acknowledged principles:

a) respect to legislation of Georgia, sovereignty and international norms of human rights;
b) refrain from hindering to election process;
c) political impartiality;
d) financial independence from participants of election process and transparency of financial sources;
e) adherence to the provisions acknowledged by the declaration of principles for international observation of elections

Article 2. To be registered, international observer organization shall submit the following documentation to the CEC no later than 7th day prior polling:

a) in case of being a representative of other country (Authority) – application and certificate of authorization;
b) in case of being registered in other country or being an international organization – application and a copy of an establishment document.

Article 3. Within 2 calendar days upon receiving the documents, requesting the registration, the CEC is authorized to:

a) request the organization to submit additional information for the registration, which will make possible to identify the compliance of the organization with the rule provided by subparagraphs a-e of paragraph 3 of article 1 of this instruction;
b) register observation organization, if its documents are in compliance with requirements provided by the Election Code;
c) give justified refusal to observer organization if it does not meet the requirements provided by the Election Code and deliver justified decision not later than the next day upon the refusal.

Article 4. The organization can appeal ordinance of the CEC on registration /refusal to registration within 2 calendar days upon its receipt at Tbilisi City Court which shall review the appeal and make decision within 2 calendar days.

Article 5. Registered international observer organization, with the aim to be registered, shall submit information about observers, copies of their IDs and forms, approved by ordinance of the CEC, filled in by international observers to the secretary of the CEC no later than 2 days prior polling.

Article 6. If observers are accompanied by interpreters, international organization shall also submit their list to the CEC for registration.

Article 7. Not later than 2nd day upon receipt of the information/list determined by articles 7 and 8, secretary of the CEC registers observers and interpreters in compliance with the Law or within the same term issues ordinance on refusal to registration, which shall be delivered to interested party upon request.

Article 8. Ordinance of secretary of the CEC on registration/refusal to registration can be appealed within 2 calendar days upon its issuance, at Tbilisi City Court which shall review the complaint within 2 calendar days.

Article 9. Observers shall receive badges – observer’s certificates.
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