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“United National Movement”
Strengthening the democratic and electoral processes involving people with disabilities
21 October, 2013
The project “Strengthening the democratic and electoral processes with the participation of people with disabilities” is made by the Coalition for Life with the support of International Fund of Election System Partner: Georgian election administration.

The project is aimed at people with disabilities having equal electoral environment - in terms of strengthening of democratic processes in the country with their activation.

Project tasks:

Raising public awareness of equal opportunities for disabled people’s rights and needs; Disabled voters awareness of the rights and electoral procedures, as well as to support raising the culture of elections and importance of participation in the elections.

Increase the motivation of society by showing high participation of people with disabilities. To strengthen non-governmental organizations for the protection of the interests and rights of disabled people to participate in elections. Strengthening the role of the media to provide accessible environment to persons with disabilities and the provision and raising of public awareness.


The project will held 8 working meeting with voters with disabilities and 8 meetings with deaf community in the following cities: Tbilisi, Rustavi, Telavi, Gori, Rustavi, Akhaltsikhe, Xashuri, Borjomi;
Workshop for journalists and non-governmental organizations in Tbilisi; will be done teaching video for the members of election commissions;
8 informational meeting with members of the PEC; advocacy campaign “affordable choice - an independent person in 8 target cities.

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