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Kakha Kukava- We have to fight for European reforms
Kakha Kukava- We have to fight for European reforms
28 April, 2014
Tbilisi Mayoral candidate of Non-parliamentary opposition Kakha Kukava released a second video address, where he speaks about the foreign policy of the country.
As InterPressNews was told by the non-parliamentary opposition, Kakha Kukava says that for him the European course first of all means not integration in a structure, but reform based on European values.
“To be European must not be necessarily linked to same sex marriage, or something unacceptable to our society. Europe is interested in a distinctive Georgia that will preserve the values that our statehood has been based on for many centuries. Georgia’s European integration is hindered not by Euro-skeptics but Euro-Pharisees: a special caste of the officials, who say that they follow the European values, but actually are categorically against the European reform”, Kukava said.
At last, Kakha Kukava says that it’s time to end conformism and the skeptic attitude towards any kind of political process.


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