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Guliko Zumbadze says Irakli Shikhiashvili may be impeached
Guliko Zumbadze says Irakli Shikhiashvili may be impeached
29 April, 2014
Faction Georgian Dream - Tbilisi Chairwoman Guliko Zumbadze says the issue of Tbilisi City Council Chairman Irakli Shikhiashvili’s impeachment may be raised.
Zumbadze made the mentioned announcement for journalists today. She noted the majority of the City Council was in a serious crisis and it was possible to raise the issue of the chairman’s impeachment two months before the elections.
"The Chairman can no longer control the situation; he does not have a majority. He should take responsibility for the failure of the so-called ‘’Khrushchovka’’ project. If I were on his post, I would have resigned because of the failure’, Guliko Zumbadze said.
According to her, time will show if the impeachment issue will be raised in the City Council or not. However, she said now it is not time for formation of new factions and election of new chairmen as it is pre-election period in the country and people are waiting for concrete projects and steps from the factions.
Guliko Zumbadze also added that the so-called ‘’Khrushchovka’’ project was not the only complaint against Shikhiashvili and there were some other issues too.

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