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The party must elect a new chairman - Gigi Ugulava
 The party must elect a new chairman - Gigi Ugulava
04 November, 2016
It is necessary for the party to elect a new chairman, by free voting, in a new competitive environment. Do not consider it as a betrayal, - ex-mayor Gigi Ugulava says in an open letter where he addresses the National Movement members and supporters.

Ugulava points out that the party needs not only a new chairman, but he is also ready to resign as the chairman of the Tbilisi organization in order to give opportunity to a new chairman to get ready for the local elections. Gigi Ugulava says in the letter that he does not know what Saakashvili thinks about this issue, however, he is convinced that he will fully share this idea.

“Of course, Ivanishvili will try to leave the National Movement in a semi-guerrilla situation, but this election shattered Ivanishvili’s only dream - the National Movement not only did not disappear, but was supported by more than half a million people. It is not accidental that the international press is talking about two winners of this election in the political context. But now, it is our duty to make the National Movement a more Western-style democratic political organization. Only in this way the country will get rid of the oligarch’s web”, - the letter reads.

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