"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Presidential Elections 2013
Richard Norland – It is too early to assess the final election results
US Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland has made a comment on the local government elections.
„Non-parliamentry opposition“: 50 Lari cost of parking and “City Park” will be abolished
Since 2007, the parking fee of 50 lari is Tbilisi resident’s taxation and financial plunder tool, and Tbilisi City Hall and "City Park" agreement - financial looting of vehicles and hunting gear of Tbilisi residents and visitors who came to the capital.
"National Movement" Avlabari majoritarian candidate to meet residents
"United National Movement" majoritarian candidate in Avlabari, Besik Sharvashidze, has met Ushakov, Kvareli, Durmishidzisa and Apanasevi streets residents today.
"Non-parliamentary opposition” leaders to meet Martvili residents
"Non-parliamentary opposition" leaders today at the House of Culture Martivli, in the square of April 9, held a meeting with residents.
CEC rules on two candidtes of mayors
The Central Election Commission of Georgia has discussed the complaints and a statement of three different political subjects, which were demanding withdrawal of two candidates of mayor from Georgian Dream Coalition - Davit Jikia and Irakli Kakulia.
Government of Adjara spends 28,340 GEL on festival participants, 433 GEL for socially vulnerable children
The Government of Adjara has spent 165,232 GEL on reception of official delegations, religious and state festivals from 2013 until May 10, 2014.
Meeting with Hearing Impaired Voters
On May 19, Chairperson of the Central Election Commission, Tamar Zhavnia met with the hearing impaired, first time voters at the №203 specialized public school, in Tbilisi. At the Meeting Ms. Zhavia introduced the youth the CEC activities ensuring equal electoral environment for the voters with disabilities. Head of the Coordination and Management Department, Sophio Sitchinava in details explained to the meeting participants how they should vote independently on the 2014 Municipal Elections.
GYLA conducted presentation of the first pre-election period monitoring report
Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) conducted presentation of the first pre-election period monitoring report. GYLA conducted observation of the pre-election processes in Tbilisi and in eight regions: Adjara, Guria, Imereti, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Samegrelo.
List of "People's Party" candidates for Tbilisi City Assembly is known
List of "People's Party" candidates in municipal elections for Tbilisi City Assembly is known.
15 men and one woman - choice of “Georgian Dream” in Lanchxuti
Coalition "Georgian Dream" officially named acting governor, Zaza Urushadze, for the candidate of governor in Lanchkuti. Majoritarian deputy Temur Chkhaidze presented Urushadze to audience gathered in Lanckhuti cultural center. He said, that Urushadze is a decent and worthy candidate.
Georgia participates in international regional development conference
Georgia is set to participate in an international regional development conference where world representatives will discuss ways to enforce regional policies and encourage regional cooperation.
War veterans and their relatives to enjoy reduced bus fares
War veterans and their family members will enjoy reduced bus fares in Tbilisi mini buses.
International Center for Civic Culture starts an Information Campaign of self-Governance Reform
Representatives of "International Center for Civic Culture" Kote Kandelaki, David Losaberidze, and Lado Bozhadze held a presentation of the project “Informational campaign for raising public awareness about self-government reform” at “Pirweli” press-club today.
14 Apply to Run for Tbilisi Mayor
14 persons applied to run for a mayoral office of the capital city, Tbilisi, in the June 15 local elections.
Salome Zurabishvili wants to run for Tbilisi Mayor
The former Minister of Foreign Affairs Salome Zurabishvili wants to run for Tbilisi mayor.
ISFED published second interim report of monitoring local self-government elections
On May 15, the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy published second interim report of monitoring local self-government elections. The report covers the period from April 20 through May 11.
The Georgian dream candidate for Tbilisi City Council chair's post is yet unknown
As Tbilisi Mayoral candidate Davit Narmania said, a chairman of the City Council can be elected by the Council itself and not Mayor.
Georgian Dream presents proportional election list
The Georgian Dream election bloc has presented a proportional list of candidates for the Tbilisi City Council elections.
CEC has voter lists ready
The Central Election Commission of Georgia has completed the processing of the eligible voters` data a month before the local government elections in Georgia.
Clause on Blanket Suspension of Local Public Servants to Be Revoked
Parliament passed with its first reading on May 14 a bill revoking a controversial legislative clause envisaging blanket suspension of all public servants employed in the local self-governance bodies across the country immediately after the June 15 local elections.