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Information Campaign: Conducting an Information & Awareness-Raising Campaign on contents of Local Self-Government Reform
Decentralization reform, which is going on in Georgia, aims at the establishment of local self-government system is real.

The first stage of the reform, preparing the basic of legislative framework, has completed in February 2014 by adopting "Local Self-Government Code" from Parliament. After the government started to work for implementing the principles defined by legislation.

The most important stage in the process of reform elections of self-governing and executive bodies, which are held on June 15, 2014.

For the further development of the reform and therefore our country Citizens' participation in the process of the reform is crucial. The involvement of citizens in the management process, is necessary to increase the level of awareness of the processes.

International Center for Civic Culture, (ICCC) with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) program of democratic governance in Georgia (G3) is implementing the project "Conducting an Information & Awareness-Raising Campaign on contents of Local Self-Government Reform", which aims to inform the public of the ongoing reform of decentralization and legislation news .

In the frames of the project is defined:

1. The preparation and dissemination of print and video materials,
2. Organizing public meetings by representatives of civil society engaged in the process of Reform.

It is planned to:

• Prepare information brochures,
• The video-clips,
• Dissemination of information through internet sites,
• Public meeting in the 26 towns and villages of Georgia.

Meetings will be held at the Civic Engagement centres and social centres during the May 20-29 period.

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