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The recommendations of Inter-Agency committee for free and fair elections.(session of October 11; 2013)
The Inter-Agency Committee exciting with Ministry of Justice for Free and Fair Elections, has a responsibility to promote a transparent and fair environment for the conduct of the elections of 2013, addresses political parties with reccomendations:

A) On 13 September 2013, the Commission issued a recommendation, which states that political parties were asked to issue clear instructions to their activists to refrain from attending the meetings of the presidential candidate’s campaign with the aim of contr-agitation. Although this recommendation is implemented in its entirety, but there remain single cases, that should be excluded, like Tsageri October 8 incident.

Therefore, it is necessary to remind activists of political parties about the recommendation of the Commission on September 13, Avoiding political grounds even in a verbal confrontation not to delay and ensure contact with their voters.

B) Political parties, local authorities and the Central Election Commission:

Political parties and local authorities to issue clear instructions, that their activists / representatives are categorically prohibited from competing political parties or their agitation material injury, or placing an obstruction.

It is necessary for the detection of such violations, that Central Election Commission and local authorities take timely and effective measures envisaged by the legislation.

To ask the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure for the provision of information to self-government and making explanatory job in order to fulfill the above two recommendations.

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