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The recommendations of Inter-Agency committee for free and fair elections.(session of September 30; 2013)
The Inter-Agency Committee exciting with Ministry of Justice for Free and Fair Elections, has a responsibility to promote a transparent and fair environment for the conduct of the elections of 2013, takes into consideration, that Georgian legislation does not explain enough the terms of agitation and declares the following:

The pre-election agitation should be considered acting in pre-election arrangments, distributing election materials, to work on the list of supporters, to be the representative of certain party, to ford the opinion pro or against any candidate, rally, to wear clothes supporting the certain candidate, agitation and contr-agitation in social networks.

As to participating in the campaign, the Interagency Commission welcomes the decision by the instructions of the interior ministry Employees and encouraging them to preserve their political neutrality. These instructions:

The Interior Ministry personnel were required to strictly adhere to the principle of political neutrality - do not take part in the election candidate’s campaign and agitation To comply with the other requirements of this regulation. In particular, during the subject / candidate’s campaign and a campaign organized by the (assembly) for public order and security of the participants of the events each employee of the Interior Ministry shall:

Wear uniforms of prescribed sample, in the case of propaganda campaign (the gathering) is held outside the building, not to approach such an assembly of 5 meters and not give possibility of approaching the part of the opposing force.

- In the case of a propaganda campaign (the gathering) is held in the building or other closed space, follow the outer perimeter of the building only, and not to allow the opposing party access.

In addition, the Interior Ministry official is categorically prohibited from entering such premises, except in cases specified by law

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