"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
IATF Recommendations (October 17, 2013)

The Interagency Task Force for Free and Fair Elections created under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia,
Being responsible for supporting the conduct of Presidential Elections of 2013 in a transparent and fair environment, gives recommendation to:

1. The Central Election Commission

Within the scope of its competence, and with the assistance and support of respective state agencies (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues Georgian Diaspora, LEPL Public Service Development Agency) to carry out measures to quickly and fully inform the deregistered people residing abroad, so that these people are aware on time about the fact that, in accordance with the legislation in force, they are not inputted into the unified voters list and will not be able to participate in the presidential elections on October 27; besides, to inform them about a hotline number, which they can call in case of having additional questions.

2. Political parties “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia” and “United National Movement”:
The United National Movement to stop immediately the attempt of dismissing the Gamgebeli through impeachment in Keda Municipality, and the Coalition Georgian Dream to stop, immediately as well, the impeachment procedure initiated against the head of Sakrebulo in response to this, which appears be linked to the existing political disagreement between the two groups.

The IATF reminds all the self-governing units that on September 02, 2013 it has issued a recommendation, according to which the local government bodies are asked to refrain from important changes in personnel, especially from dismissing the leadership (Gamgebeli, Head of Sakrebulo), including via impeachment proceedings.

It is important that the parties respond promptly and adequately in order to eliminate even separate cases of violating this recommendation.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure is asked to provide information to the self-governing units once again, and to carry out explanatory activities with them with the purpose of meeting the above-mentioned recommendation.

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