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The Election Administration of Georgia Central Election Commission of Georgia Decree №43/2013 On Amendments to the Decree №39/2013 of Central Election Commission of Georgia “Determination of terms and election procedures for realization of universal
Based on paragraph 5 of article 77 of Organic law of Georgia – the Election Code and article 20
of Georgian Law on Normative Acts, Central Election Commission resolves the following:

Article 1. Articles 2, 3 and 5 of the Decree №39/2013 of Central Election Commission of
Georgia “On Determination of terms and election procedures for realization of universal right to vote in the Elections of 27 October 2013 of the voters placed in administrative custody and temporary detention isolators” of 8 October 2013 (website 08/10/2013, 010240020.15.008.016106) shall be formulated as following:  

“Article 2. The list of the persons determined by first article of this decree shall be delivered to
respective district election commissions by the Main Office for Human Rights and Monitoring of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (hereinafter Main Office), no later than 4th day (23 October) prior polling day. The head of the Main Office is responsible for the accuracy of the data included in this list, which is confirmed by his/her signature on the list.

Article 3. Respective district election commissions, taking into consideration the list provided
by the body determined by the article 2 of this decree, no later than 3rd day (24 October) prior polling day shall develop and approve with the decree the special list of voters and deliver to respective 2 precinct election commissions. Next to the voters included into the list relevant designation is made (placed in isolator/placed in administrative custody) and is confirmed by the signatures of the chair and secretary of the Precinct Election Commission.

Article 5. The Main Office shall be requested to ensure admission of the members of precinct
election commission and the persons accompanying mobile box to the isolator and to support the process of providing the persons envisaged by the article 1 of this decree, with personal identity cards.”

Article 2. This decree can be appealed at Administrative Cases Panel of Tbilisi City Court  (address: Agmashenebeli Alley 12th kilometre, No 6) within 2 calendar days upon its adoption

Article 3. This decree shall come into force upon promulgation.

Chair of the Commission Tamar Zhvania

Secretary of the Commission Gizo Mchedlidze
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