"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Giorgi Gachechiladze - "Green’s Party"
Giorgi Gachechiladze - "Green’s Party"
Born on June 24, 1954

Socio - political activities:

Since 1992 he is a member of the Green Party;

1992_1995 and 1995_1999, he was a Member of Parliament;

1994_1995 he was the “rational use and protection of natural waters," the first deputy chairman of the State Commission;

From 1995 to 2007 he was chairman of the Green Party;

In 1995-1999 he was the first deputy chairman of the Committee for the Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources;

From 2007 to the present is the General Secretary of the Green Party;

Activities at the international level:

Since 1991 is the member of International Association of Geochemistry and cosmochemics, the Permanent International Commission for the Protection of natural waters from pollution;

1993_1999 he was black “Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary assemblies" member;

Since 1995 he is a member of the National Committee of Oceanography ЮНЕСКО:

In 2000 he entered the University of Cambridge (England) in 2000, a prominent public figure “in encyclopedia.

In 2006 Green Party gained international recognition with his leadership and the spokeswoman Sophie Sakhamberidze was inducted into the European Green party ruling committee.

Scientific activity:

In 1976 he graduated from the State University Department of Geography - Faculty of Geology;

Since 1976 the Academy of Sciences for Meteorological Research - Research Institute, an engineer, chief engineer, junior research - Staff, senior scientist - worker, environmental pollution monitoring laboratory head , Department of Ecology, the leading researcher;

In 1984 he defended his thesis at Tbilisi State University and was awarded the degree of Candidate of Geographical Sciences;

In 1991, the former Soviet Union - , Optoelectronics Research - Research Institute, defended his thesis and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Geographical Sciences;

In 1994, is elected as the member of Preventive Medicine and Human Ecology of the Academy of Sciences;

In 1995 he was elected a full member of the Academy of Environmental Sciences;
Is the author of 61 scientific works, including monographs;
His most important work is recognized as the “conceptual foundations of the state environmental policy “in Georgia in the development and operation of environmental policy document for the new structures.

Marital status:

He has a wife – Rusudan Tsagareishvili and two daughters - Tamara and Nino.

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