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Irma Inashvili - "David Tarkhan - Mouravi - Alliance of Patriots"
Irma Inashvili - "David Tarkhan - Mouravi - Alliance of Patriots"
Born on July 6, 1970, in Tbilisi.

She graduated from 1st high school in Borjomi.

In 1993, she graduated from Tbilisi State University TV - Broadcast Journalism Faculty.

In 1993, she covered the war progress in Apkhazia and for 13 months and 13 days lived in the war zone.

In 1993, she walked through Chuberi. The footage was showed the world's leading Tv channels. Inashvili prepared more than 20 TV programs on Apkhazian war.

Since 1993, she began to work on the first channel of Georgian television, where she worked until 2003. Irma Inashvili was leading to the first channel journalism group. During working on the first channe, shel has prepared more than 200 author programs.
Since 2003, establishes the Union of Journalists "Obiektivi”. Media - Union "Obiektivi" becomes one of the strongest unions in the country, which is sharply opposed by the Saakashvili regime. “Objective " created public broadcasting model. Here transfer is made by 130 or more authors, who present different positions. The "Objective" Radio - Television is one of the top-rated broadcasting in the country.

Inashvili is a many journalism award –winning. She is granted Golden Feather, Nico Nicoladze Prize, and E. Takaishvili Prize.

In 2014. She was awarded the prize for distinguished Journalist. Inashvili founded - one of the prestigious journalistic competitions, which is named after Nazi Shamanauri and awards journalists fighting for truth with gold medal.

Inashvili is married and has two children.

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