"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Roin Lipartelianni - "Georgian Labor Council”
Roin Lipartelianni - "Georgian Labor Council”
Roin Lipartelianni was born in 1951. Lentekhi R. - village. A lawyer, agronomist, journalist, diplomat, Academician.


In 1975. - Agrarian University, Department of Agronomy,

In 1976. - Georgia Institute of Patent technology faculty of patent.

In 1985. - University Faculty of Law, as well: Faculty of Journalism and Public Diplomacy college specializing in international diplomacy.

Honors and Activities:

Awarded the title of National Hero of Georgia, was awarded David the Builder and Queen Tamar a gold medal!

In 1994. Italy, was awarded a Gold Medal as the top rising young politician.

1996. for 4 years, was elected as the chairman of “King David the Builder Party".

1988-1992 years was a “chairman of the Farmers Party“is the party's founder.

1992-1996 years Was “the Agrarian Party" member, is the founder of the party.

In 1990. Ran for election as an MP and a party list of the Farmers Union, was
Presidential candidate. Didn’t become a Member of Parliament.

In 1992. Party-list elections ran as a single candidate, became a Member of Parliament,

1992-1995 years was the chairman of “David the Builder” and chairman of the Agriculture Committee.

1995 was a presidential candidate in the elections.

Has 3 children

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