"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Giorgi Mosiashvili- block „Non-parliamentary Opposition“
Giorgi Mosiashvili- block „Non-parliamentary Opposition“
Was born on March 19th of 1969
Member of political party “Free Georgia”.
Participating in combat operations in August 2008 (Tskhinvali) volunteer.
The territorial Unity War of Georgia 1992-1993 (Abkhazia) volunteer
1976-1986 Telavi N 2 secondary school
1994-1998 Technical College Faculty of law
1986-1992 the Institute of Physical Culture (mass physical culture and tourism)

Working experience:
From February 2013 until now the Telavi district of the territorial authority “Old Telavi” councilor.
In 2004-2006, the Patrol Police Department of Kakheti
In 2001-2004 MIA - Kakheti Division. Anti-terrorism and peacekeeping operations in the Pankisi Gorge
1993-1995 Telavi Technical College, Physical Culture Teacher
1994-1995 Telavi N 1 public school teacher of physical culture

Family: wife and four children.

Trainings and seminars

State territorial - administrative arrangement Research Center – Effective Management of intra-party and electoral legislation.
Young Political Leaders School - Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD)

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