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"Georgian Labor Party" Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, Asmat Tkabladze, election program
"Georgian Labor Party" Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, Asmat Tkabladze, election program
1. On the most important issues for citizens, the poll will be held in Tbilisi.
2. The agreement with City Park will be canceled and the cars parking structure will be moved under the provision of City Hall.
3. Sidewalks will be freed from cars and underground parking lots will be built.
4. Markets amenities and sanitation provision will become compulsory. We will Start a fight (with our MPs in the city council), for fixed taxes.
5. Municipal budget will be invested in small and middle business development, interest-free (low-interest) Long-term loans. These people will be exempted from taxes for 1-2 years.
6. Reduced utility bills at all fees. Vouchers will be set for the vulnerable and pensioners. .
7. Transport will be free socially vulnerable, pensioners and students.
8. Socially disabled and unemployed will receive assistance, which will meet the minimum wage.
9. Social fund for vulnerable will be formed, which will provide accommodation for homeless people in the capital. For this purpose, old, dysfunctional buildings may be restored, new houses will be constructed and construction companies will award ten percent of the construction of new homes to the Homeless. (It will not be pressure on businessmen, as far as they will be free from famous 10 percent, parceled. “(This may be temporary. They will not be able to sell it. In the future if they have to purchase their own homes, this apartment will be transmitted to other Homeless).
10. Proposed to go into the legislative body for the retirement age decrease and pension, social welfare - increase).
11. In the capital will be built municipal hospitals for kids and adults, and maternity. There will be a clinic in every district.
12. Will set up a shelter for homeless people.
13. Unaccompanied children will be established boarding school.
14. Will be built and expanded the budget for children's gardens.
15. Will be created and financed from the budget, school vocational for homeless and vulnerable adults.
16. Vulnerable pensioners will be financed from the government the cost of medicines.
17. Recreational areas will be untouchable and develop.
18. The City Hall will invite the best architects and urbanists to create a commission that will discuss town planning and architecture.
19. Should be restored, destroying old Tbilisi, private, as well as other public buildings (for example, the building of art academy) new construction should be given only to Old appearance.
20. Tenders will be fair and transparent and not won in advance by any company.
21. Will continue taking into consideration the interests of all parties in the construction of the railway.
22. Will be done bypass motorways.
23. Will stop the illegal construction in the city. Construction will be only in new districts, thus the center will be freed and old look of the city will be maintained.
24. Employment in the capital budget organizations – old, professional staff, will remain. The job contest will be announced, but not formally. Budget organizations will not be an employment agency for party members.
25. Infrastructure construction will continue, but strict control will be carried out as on laid asphalt, and construction sites. Also the project of entrances, elevators and roofs will continue.

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