"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Block Non-parliamentary opposition - Election program
Block Non-parliamentary opposition - Election program
"Choose Changes"

Employment and Economic Development:

1. Will be Issued municipal preferential loans to small and medium entrepreneurs ;
2. Fixed payments will be set for small entrepreneurs;
3. Reviewed monopolistic prices and contracts with bus companies and "City Park ";
4. The illegally seized property will be returned to the rightful owners;

City Development:
5. Construction will be prohibited in historic and green zone;
6. Expanded roads and parking lots;
7. Government will finance the rehabilitation of deteriorated neighborhoods;

Social spendings of Tbilisi budget:

8. Co-financing of underage children operations will increase, including Abroad;
9. Self-governments will be given the management of polyclinic and schools, new nurseries
will be built.
10. Talented students will be granted in full (100 %) ;
11. The Tbilisi government will finance large families;
12. Social house will be opened for homeless people;
13. Reduced mayor and city council member salaries, vehicles and travel expenses;

Self-government Reform:

14. Authorities will be returned confiscated budgetary revenues;
15. Lands, pastures and forests privatization authority will be transferred to local authorities;
16. Governments will promote local products to be sold in the domestic market;

Long-term liabilities
(Relations with the central government):

17. Early parliamentary elections;
18. The legal reform: election of judges and prosecutors will be independent;
19. Revised interest rates on mortgage loans;
20. Pensions will be granted to length of service and merit;
21. The state to limit unfair competition from neighboring countries;

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