"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Political Union of Citizens "the Workers' Council" - an election program
Political Union of Citizens "the Workers' Council" - an election program
Election Guide: 2014 Local Government Elections

If the party is in the majority, we promise to people:

1. The free education and medical services
2. Veterans, invalids and all types of pensioners, decent pension
3. Complete assistance for mothers of many children and to save the gene pool
4. Foreigners land alienation - ban on the sale
5. Return illegally occupied people’s wealth (property)
6. Changing policy towards Russia and saying no to NATO.
7. Construct factories - factories, which will create jobs, it will be done at the expense of cutting salaries and bonuses to the officials.
8. To return every strategic object to the state ownership.
9. Banks and depositors were deprived of their refunds.
10. The banking system to be regulated in favor of people.
11. Properly appreciated teachers - teachers' work.
12. Will support the newly married with accommodation and service.
13. On the surrounding of Tbilisi, we will build fruit growing, market-gardening gardens and farms for livestock, poultry. Plenty of people will be employed and the products will be given to the population at a lower product prices.
We are committed to serve our voters for local elections of June 15, 2014.

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