Rustavi Mayoral candidate Erosi Kitsmarishvili's election program
Rustavi Mayoral candidate Erosi Kitsmarishvili's election program
In three years of Mayor Presence:

Through Development of International Standard "Municipal Development Strategy” realization of the following goals - "12 steps for the future of the city”

1. $ 100 million investment in the City’s economy

2. Creation of 10 000 new jobs

3. At least a doubling of Rustavi budget

4. Doubling of Pension in the form of municipal supplement and full repayment of pensions through Rustavi enterprises and 100 % legal support for victims.

5. Creating concept of “Green city" and supporting initiatives in this direction

6. Establishment Rustavi as university and special education regional center.

7. Full-scale development program for IDPs through the creation of special housing and housing satisfaction of at least 500 refugees annually.

8. Creating the "Friendly City” for Disabled persons in Georgia,

9. Municipal program “not a single child without Sports”

10. The project – Rustavi the most secure city - decriminalization”

11. Transport and other infrastructure to modern standards - Modernization

12. Preventive and urgent medical services of the highest national standard