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“United National Movement”
“Nino Burjanadze – United Opposition election program
“Nino Burjanadze – United Opposition election program
Party Program for the local self-government elections 2014
It is time to fix our country!
Tick the number 3 in all three ballot papers.

We tried to highlight the most important tasks. Problems in the country are amassed. That’s why the due foreign and domestic policy should be provided and implemented. The country should be developed properly and embarked on the way of justice and well-being. As far as the notions of justice and well-being are the indispensible parts of the one whole. The local self-government elections can not help to fix all the problems .The elections, predominantly, tend to serve as the litmus-test for the handling of the local problems properly. “Nino Burjanadze-United Opposition” is the right force ,which can eradicate the given problems substantially and effectively, after its’ coming to power.
Our political team is vested with all the necessary skills and competences for the rendering itself responsible for the ruling of the country! Our resounding victory during the present municipal and upcoming parliamentary elections will paves the way for the discarding of the political crisis and buttressing the state institutions for the sake of the steady development of Georgia.
On June 15th you all become authoritative in defining the future of your homeland. Participate in the elections and tick the number 3 in all three ballot papers. This will be the shortest way for a better life. It is high time to fix the country.
Nino Burjanadze

The action plan (program) of the “Nino Burjanadze-United Opposition” is completely pursuing the goal of your well-being.
Our primordial priorities are the intrinsic notions of the contemporary society, such as the individual , the family and the prosperity of every our fellow-citizen.
Georgia has the sufficient budgetary funds, which in case of the proper fiscal policy, possesses the potential to guarantee its’ population the better life!
We are to be the watchdogs of the end of the budgets’ plunder, applying every effort , that the existing financial resources be spent according to your needs!
We will take care about ,that every average Georgian would feel himself a decent citizen of the country.
Vote for “Nino Burjanadze –United Opposition”!
Tick the number 3 in all three ballot papers!
It is time to fix our country together!

Self-Governance is the main basis of democracy. Municipal powers and financial resources should be increased in order to properly ensure the due functioning of the local infrastructure and effective delivery of the public services to the population .

Now we have the opportunity to achieve the real self-government , and make all the citizens actively involved in decision- making process of local governance, enabling them to control the situation.
The respective powers will be handed over to the local authorities ,in order to facilitate the allocation of the stable financial resources to ensure sustainable socio - economic development of the municipalities ,availing of the comparative advantages they have . In addition, the local governments should have the respective budget ,which will be enlarged at the expense of the majority of the taxes collected from the local production ,in aims of using the given income for the needs of the local infrastructure development and tackling the day-to-day problems of the population.

Taking into consideration the specific needs and existing potential , the long-term development programs should be elaborated ,which boosts the steady development in the area. For all the self-governing cities and territories , the long-term development plan will be compiled ,in order to save the historic avenues, preventing the denigration of the monuments of our cultural heritage and erasing the dividing lines between the rural and urban levels of life.

Today, as well as before the October 1 of 2012, the budget is spent on the well-being of the bureaucrats of the incumbent and ousted governments . We will ensure that the local budgets will serve the needs of the citizens and not the municipal servicemen.

Healthcare and social problems

Healthcare and social problems still remain a major problem for the population. Coalition " Nino burjatsadze – United Opposition" 6/1/2014 's developed a coherent program of overcoming these problems , the implementation of which will be initiated, immediately after our victory in the local elections : Health care should be available for all citizens really . Necessarily we have to strengthen the institute of the ambulatory health care. The due attention should be paid to the research ,prevention and medication of the deceases in the early stages , which is much better for the patients and the country’s economy. For the reason of the unequal incomes’ redistribution ,the majority of the population is not bound to the healthy life-style ,sidestepping the undertaking of the preventive measures in the medical institutions at a certain age of the life-cycle.
Therefore, we should provide them with such services as much as possible and cover all the risk-groups persistent to the society.

We will provide the social assistance programs, for the groups of the population , which would predominantly require it .The healthcare programs’ co-funding for the retired and helpless groups of the population ,will be covered by the municipal budget and in special cases additional 2 GEL will be allocated for the necessary medicines acquisition.
Reforms in the health system will not be successful enough unless we the labor conditions of doctors , and the physicians be improved .Medical network is almost fully privatized .We should not assume that the employer or the private owner extended an absolute dictatorship on the hired professionals. The state order regarding the medical networks should be executed based on the special regulations, while guaranteeing the due remuneration of the medical personnel according to the Labor Code.
The special attention should be paid to the so called family doctors, which are mostly delivering the ambulatory help to those in need,in order to bridge the gap between our expectation and the working conditions ,which they have.
The local self-governance also should take care of the homeless identification issues. Besides the allocation of the living-space for such category of the citizens, it is necessary to include them in the various social and health-care programs. The additional programs should be launched with regard to the aforementioned group of citizens.
Legislative and administrative measures must be taken to protect the thousands of families facing the threat of eviction . We will develop and implement child and adolescent sports’ - recreational activities, supporting the initiative with a complex program ( proper arrangement of buildings; ensuring ,that the socially vulnerable segments of the population had the access to a sports schools and communities ; The target groups will be provided with the resort type sanatoriums of recreational programs.
Local authorities should ensure that teacher’s training and professional development’s organization and funding , especially in rural areas , where there is the lack of qualified teachers , to attract staff and to create proper conditions for them . We must not let the smaller group schools to close , which promotes rural depopulation . The pedagogues employed in the pre-school institutions should be availed of the teachers’ status . Teachers' compensation reform should be carried out to increase the teacher’s salary, making it significantly larger than the real living wage and salaries ,approaching to those of the comparable public servicemen . The demographic issue is directly related to national security and development.
The special emergency social assistance –packages should be developed ,which would envisage the additional social benefits for them ,in aims of tackling such pain-stacking problems of this category of people as the employment , starting a business , household issues. Before the adoption of the law on local self-government level ,there will be set up the special public commissions . Today for the poorest segments of the population healthy meal is a luxury. The cynical attitude towards them is: people who do not have the money to buy an expensive product , they should afford a cheap (hence the poor quality or even harmful food! If we win , we promise that this attitude changes. We will provide the strict safety control to rule out a defective and dangerous product delivery to the population! The waste management issues is still an acute problem in the regions . In case of our victory , we promise, that in the self-governing cities we will start the construction of waste recycling plants ,and as result, along with the creation of additional jobs , we will dramatically improve the ecological situation. Drinking and irrigation water is still a problem in some regions , while Georgia boasts the abundant ,what is commonly known.

It is necessary to rehabilitate the old water supply system ,which mostly can not be afforded by the local budgets . The central government should fund such projects ,nominated by the local government based on the principle of the first necessity and not like last year , when the Ministry of Infrastructure was unable to make use of the funds allocated ! At the same time , it is necessary
to provide the constant monitoring of water and air pollution , in order to avoid the risk of many diseases in our population . It's a function of local government , local municipality’s health department
Economic Development
The economic problems should be handled in each individual city or municipality complexly . Thus, we come out with an initiative to improve the investment environment in the country and give an impetus to the real sustainable economic development ,based on the tax cuts , in particular, step by step, for the 3 years term the income tax rate should be reduced from 20 to 12% ,the income tax from 15% to 1 0% and the dividend’s tax rate from 5% to 2% . This will significantly contribute to the country's investment climate and encourage the development of small and medium businesses.
The budget revenue decline caused by the tax rates at the first stage will be compensated by improving the economic environment in one hand and on the other hand, reducing the bureaucracy in state apparatus.

It is urgent to carry out the policy , which renders the budget’s expenditures commensurate to the people's material conditions . In case of our victory in the local government elections ,we refuse to take personal vehicles , thereby significantly reducing the budget inflated costs. There will remain only the special auto-vehicles parking , for the working use of the officials . This proposal should be taken into account by the central government in order to save the millions of GEL of the budgetary expenditures.
For the regional development of Georgia it is necessary to draw the investments ,the process of which is to great extent is hampered by the prospective of the political instability. In case the aforementioned factor be discarded and the tax policy liberalization activities be applied in practice , it is quite possible to accelerate the pace of the country’s economic development. We have no doubts ,that such actions should be made on the central government level but at the local level ,there is also a whole set of methods ,which can be effectively used for the development of the investment climate.

Local governments can organize their own district or the city's promotion in cooperation with sister cities and regions overseas.

Particular attention should be paid to the so called internal roads ,as far as the governments extreme engagement in the construction of the central roads and autobahns downplayed the interests of the rural population. The road infrastructure development still a problem at the local level , which does not contribute to the development of the business infrastructure .
Kakheti highway development should be continued and the Rustavi-Tbilisi magistral should be constructed in the direction of Mtskheta . Bypass railway line , which is , in fact at 80 % has already been done , has no alternative .However, it is currently under construction and the given project is relatively difficult for the implementation for the reason of the high costs, low operating speeds , proximity to the Tbilisi sea and , therefore , it can increase the risk of the potable water supply to the city. Construction of the railways should be based on the accurate calculations and continuous modifications .

Village, rural households and land ownerships
Rural households and land ownerships as the most important pillars of agriculture represent the fundamental elements of the country’s development. As it is widely perceived in the world ,Georgia is the country, which boasts the ancient agricultural traditions .The revival of the country and welfare of the people is highly dependent on agriculture .The due Strategic vision and conception in some areas and not spontaneous decisions should be implemented for the sake of the development of agriculture in the country. In case of the proper development of the rural agriculture and effective management , the existing resources will be used rationally and profitably (land , water, pasture Etc. ) ,
We are about to get the local production of high quality (not genetically modified ) products, and excess products will be used as the raw material base for the small and medium
Processing enterprises. We also intend to create more jobs, in order to facilitate to the process of the labor reform, when the farmer will be subject to the appropriate remuneration.

The government should take care to strengthen the farmers . They should be integrated with the contemporary farmer technologies. It is necessary to have the special and convenient financial system ,which will be able to deliver the long-term low interest loans ,for those who are employed in the agricultural sector.The producers of the agricultural products should be subsidized, in aims of the revival of the almost derelict industry, what enables the farmers to live in the decent conditions.

It is important to develop an insurance system that will protect the peasants and farmers in the event of bankruptcy and debt accumulation in case of the harvest failure takes place . Also, if the pre-existing technologies would be introduced alongside the new ones for the reason of the crop protection ( pre-emptive measure against hail and etc. ) will not be bad . The farmer should be allowed to lease an equipment at affordable prices . We will create the special depositary centers for the storing of the wholesale products based on the modern technological requirements. The country should have the stable market for the sale of its production. This encourages the excess harvest, what gives an impetus for the creation of the centers of purchase , sale and processing enterprises . Crop protection should be provided by the creation of the special storage and refrigeration facilities . Strict control should be established in terms of the importing of the varieties of seeds and their further use . Food manufacturers should not receive the minimum salary, which just could cover the expenses incurred by them . The proper State policy should be elaborated with regard to the price formation of the agricultural products encouraging the food producer. The illegally expropriated land lots should be given back to their previous proprietors. The irrigation water ,land ownership and pasturage land issues should also be tackled. The widespread sell out of the land lots to the foreigners should also be banned and the special regulation of the long-term lease of land to foreigners need to be introduced , providing the employment for the local population . The infrastructure project’s of paramount importance are the activities directed to the improvement of the quality of the potable water ( at present, a number of villages using the drinking water of the lowest quality) and its 24 - hour supply regime’s provision . In the villages there will be set up the non-profit legal entities who provide services to the municipal property ( street lights , drinking and irrigation water systems and etc . ). The rural roads still remain in the most difficult situation.

The necessary funds are being allocated almost annually to gravel the roads in the villages , but because there is no drainage system in rural areas ,the above-mentioned works are not enforced properly , as far as after the rainy weather the roads become still impassable. Speaking frankly, the financial resources are squandered away. If we win, we immediately fix the rural roads. One of the most troublesome problems persistent to the rural areas today ,there is the waste management issue, which needs a due care and a professional management, as far as the polluted habitat and mismanaged ecology impedes the development of the tourism as a rule.

Ravines are not cleaned , causing the damage of the grazing lands . It is necessary to establish municipal enterprises that provide the cleaning , waste collection and due pre-emptive activities ,that doesn’t allow the rural agricultural lands to become the victim of garbage accumulation . Population’s severe socio - economic situation , as one of the most important problems of social security still remains an issue of outmost importance. For the handling of all the aforementioned problems, the municipal budgets are provided with all the necessary funding ,which are to be allocated according to the priorities set up by the local municipalities.
We consider the active involvement of the society in the process of the elaboration of the social assistance priorities, as the grounding pillar of the effective governance . All interested parties will have an opportunity to participate in the work of the Commission for Social Assistance .

In the villages the sports infrastructure and houses of culture are absolutely inoperative. It is necessary to study the situation and allocate funds in order to solve the accrued problems in kindergartens. With the active involvement of the youth in cities and villages there should be elaborated the priorities with regard to the improvement of the existing sports’ and recreation centers .
The internet connectivity should be provided throughout the country and the due attention should be paid to the highland regions, where the majority of the population lives without the wireless.

We also will open the rural libraries in the highland regions, equipped with up-to-date electronic facilities, such as the electronic library and many others. If we win , the local authorities will do their best to stimulate talented and successful young people in highland rural areas.

Georgia’s highland region’s problems
The appropriate “Highland region’s Law” should be enacted .Special attention should be given to the stopping of the process of depopulation of the unique mountainous areas , by creation of appropriate infrastructure . Mountain dwellers are the natural frontier guards . The state has to elaborate the special measures to encourage the highland regions’ inhabitants not to leave their places of residence, preventing the depopulation of the region. The highland regions’ law will include the following benefits:1. Increase of salaries and pensions ; 2. Income Tax Cancellation . Discounts on electricity bills ;Tax waves for private firms , which are registered and will actually work on the territory of the municipality. Parliament doesn’t intend to adopt this law by any rates. In case of our victory the due attention will be paid to all the above- mentioned problems .We will develop the highland regions of Georgia !

‘Green Energy Concept “and the thrifty use of natural resources
The so called ‘Green Energy concept” should be created , according to which Georgia will be gradually switched to the alternative energy production and supply. Solar , wind and other natural sources of energy are used by the many developed countries in the world;

Energy consumption of buildings in the budget at this point is about 200 million. According to experts, these costs can be reduced per 50% .

The project "The youth and the people in support of the villages !"

As it is known too many social projects are implemented by the Georgian Orthodox Church . Often it faces serious problems . The government will stand by the side of the Patriarch regarding the execution of the proposed initiative for the revival of the Georgian villages . Special attention will be paid to the rural families and young professionals.
Patriarchy’s initiative in terms of the production of the environmentally safe foodstuffs will be supported and enhanced, as the integral part of the Georgian economic success.
Direction of the turn .
We will tackle all the above-mentioned problems three years later, from the date of our victory in the upcoming elections. After winning the elections of local self-government ,we will gain early parliamentary elections and then you will have to choose the parliament staffed by the patriotic ,state -minded forces, which handle all the bread and butter issues of the country !

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