"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Kutaisi mayoral candidate, Alexander Kezevadze, election program
Kutaisi mayoral candidate, Alexander Kezevadze, election program
1. The construction - project implies provision of housing and accommodations for needy families, free 10 - year installments, without the first installment. The 400 apartments will be given to needy families each year. Meanwhile, the 40 apartments will be presented to people below the poverty line.
2. Healthcare - 10 free policlinics and one hospital throughout the city.
3. Economy – founding fund for stipulation and development of small businesses, technical and material assistance to citizens who have business - idea. Priority - the development of micro and mini enterprises, leading to 5% of the budget spent. 3 year project within the 200 - to 250 employed entrepreneur.
4. Education - 1% of the budget allocated to the scale of 1 to 500 citizens (age: 14 - to 51 -year-old included) preparation. In particular, science technology.
5. Social care
A) Daily, free meals to all layers of Kutaisi population. Opening of emergency canteens;
B) Providing the so-called free Green Bus'' service, once in an hour;
C) Opening of special sewing factory - sewn clothes will be handed to vulnerable people (jacket, shirt, pants and shoes) on every season;
E) The complete records of the underprivileged children and their children's boarding to municipality schools.

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