"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, Gela Saluashvili Election Program
Tbilisi Mayoral candidate, Gela Saluashvili Election Program

The name of our union, "in the name of Lord - the Lord our righteousness" was identified in 2014 Local self-government elections by several references from the Bible:

".... I tell you not see me from now on, until you say, blessed is the future in the name of the Lord" - O [Matthew 23.39]

"... There comes a time (code). Says the Lord, and you are done justice restored to David the True (code) will reign as king and act wisely, creates justice and righteousness in the world ... it would be in his name, and called:" Lord Our Righteousness "(Jer. 23, 5-6)

Development and Economy

Long term economic policy, basically is based on predictable indicators of attracting financial resources necessary for city development, such as – public or private investments. With this regard, the professionals never contributed to ruining of the country should come in the government.

To date, great part of the representatives of the government in power, either personally participated in military upheaval of 1991-1992, or in “better” cases shared the same ideology.

Economy of the county, including Tbilisi is in bad condition, namely due to mentioned force’s being in power and this will be continued until coming of the team totally different from those participated in destroy of the country.
Natural location of Tbilisi to great extent determines general frameworks of its urban development. Decisive factor in architectural planning should be found in development of the projects adjusted to the location of the capital. Economic development of the city to great extent depends on painless elimination of criminal force in power for last 20 – 25 years. While this fully depends on the will of people expressed through the Elections, as well as on real demonstration and protection of the results of the expression of the result.

Budgetary Policy

Resolution of social problems facing population should be key priority of city budget. The governor should fully spend funds mobilized in the budget, for solving housing and social problems of tax payers.

First of all it is necessary to:

Ensure equal, accessible, transparent and competitive environment;
Eliminate of the force contributed to ruining the country form governance;
Transfer the tools for implementing tender policy to professional and honest people.
Urban Development/City Planning/House building

Improvement of housing conditions requires complex approach and basically depends on engagement of professionals in city planning; transparent tenders; and control over performance quality. Proper planning of above mentioned issues and proper implementation of the plan, will bring desired results, only in case of existence of respective political will. One of key factor for improving cleanness quality of the city streets is introduction of respective penalty policy

Transport service should be comfortable and accessible, for this mini bus system should be improved.
Road safety to great extent depends on the quality of roads. Adequate penalty system is also important.

Disabled Persons

Provision of proper conditions for movement of the people with disabilities is one of the most complex issues. It requires respective set up to pavements and roads, as well as resolutions of transport problems. Finding proper solutions to these problems will lead us to desired result.
Culture and Education
Improvement of cultural life of the city depends on adequate distribution of funds to be attracted for this purpose.

Concerning accessibility and quality of education, the competence of city hall is limited only with improvement of the infrastructure of such institutions.

Safety and Crime

Crime prevention to great extent depends on improvement of the quality of operation of law enforcement agencies of the capital and of agreed actions of the representatives of culture.

Health Care and Social Policy

Healthcare system of Georgia should be focused on market strategies, in order to ensure effective result, acceptable for population of the country. Among the activities implemented with this regard, the most important is implementation of the activities coincident with strategic vision of the country, in particular the attention should be paid to: privatization of hospitals, reform of primary healthcare facilities, funding healthcare expenses of vulnerable population, through private insurance, provision of public funding for main healthcare services.

Conditions of homeless people will be improved by proper policy for managing budget and private investments.

Ecology, recreation and Sport

Ecologic condition of the city is possible only in case of adequate policy for managing budget funds and private investments.
In parallel with provision of favorable environment for expansion and development of recreation zones available in the city, it is necessary to improve courtyards of residential houses.
Proper management of budget resources and private investments are essential for development of healthy lifestyle and improvement of sport recreation infrastructure.

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