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Samtredia governor candidate, Zviad Nikuradze, election program
Samtredia governor candidate, Zviad Nikuradze, election program
Our goal is to improve the living conditions of Samtredia residents

- Maximum use of Samtradia key locations, find investors and support creating new jobs.

- A strong advisory center for the promotion of agricultural development.

- Appointment highly qualified veterinarians agronomists in all villages to be financed by the budget.

- In organization funded by Samtradia government (Kids - parks, cultural centers, libraries, student - Youth House, a sports school, sports - the complex, an equestrian club ...) employed people should get paid the minimum on the first stage of the household subsistence level (253 GEL) equalizer and on second stage to equalize wages to self-government employees (Board, Council).

- Water tariff halved throughout the area.
In order to be closer to the center, the mountain villages will use the half tariff for the cost of halving the journey, financed by the local budget.

- Tariff halved in Kulashi for the reason of population Integration to the city.

- Cultural and sports training groups (pupils - Youth House, a cultural center, music schools, sports - schools, sports groups ...) to provide students with funding from the budget.

- Funding and support from a variety of cultural activities.

- The promotion of workers and working conditions.

- Football Club funding and establishment of the premier league.

- Aid to impoverished population.

- The treatment of funds for equity financing.

- Young people need to create an environment where they will have the opportunity for self-realization and to feel like a full member, as they a monotonous peripheral cultural environment does not give them that chance.

- The former municipal hospital restoration

- Every village twice a year, free medical services (research) activities.

- All talented, educated and experienced people gather around. Such people are not the property of any particular political groups, they belong to the country and are going to make their active involvement in social and political life of our region.

- I am ready to cooperate with all the people and political groups.

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