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Tbilisi Mayoral Candidate, George Liluashvili, election program
Tbilisi Mayoral Candidate, George Liluashvili, election program
1. Personnel policies. It is necessary for municipal services to be staffed by specialists, the employees will get trainings, new as well as existing staff. The Advisory Board will be established, which will be staffed by workers in the field of research.

2. Promotion of small business, particularly in the municipal budget to be issued interest-free loans for business development. Hall of theoretical courses and consulting business to help start-up entrepreneurs.

3. Municipal police force will be set up in the capital, antitrust, sanitary - epidemiological and quality control services.

4. Particular attention will be paid to protecting the rights of consumers and passengers in the capital, vehicle fuel, natural gas quality control, etc.

5. Employees working in the educational system will be issued additional salary and compensation of utility; City Hall will be open to teachers free training courses; the system provides high-quality scientific and educational literature. Fully funding the drug for medical and dental services by providing a complete, effective transportation benefits.

6. Additionally will be repaired and built a modern nursery – nurseries in capital, teachers, and staff salaries will be increased, and they will enjoy free medical and dental services.

7. Disabled persons to get money taxed from cigarettes, high-alcohol-containing drink (20) and gaming business. The money will be given to them for treatment and their ability to create jobs.

8. Will be designed and made the drainage system of the capital and the streets will covered with asphalt made with a unique technology developed at the National Academy. Will be improved the quality of asphalt materials will be collected in Georgia and expensive additives imported from abroad, the share will be halved, the quality will be 10 times better. The new bridges will be built, bypass roads, railways.

9. Taxes will be cut in the expense of the municipal utility, as well as introduce new technologies that will enable us dividing in half consumption of natural gas as well as electricity. At the same time in cold period the city will decline prices of the electricity and natural gas, while it will be compensated by an increased price in the warm period.

10. Homeless shelter will be built on a modern basis, providing full medical and dental services, three meals a day, second-hand clothing, personal care products, shower and a day pocket money to buy a variety of personal items. They will also be trained for future employment in City Hall. The shelter will be built for the elderly people with international standards.

11. Homeless and unaccompanied children will be trained in boarding school where they become specialists for future employment in capital and in the country.

12. For construction will be issued the long-term interest-free loan, priority will be given to the homeless, newly married, second and subsequent children will be given the additional compensation, and in case of more than three children the loan is considered to be paid and compensation will be given to every newborn.

13. The healthcare system will be implemented with significant measures, will be restored outpatient medical care system, increase the number of emergency and emergency squads, equipped with the latest medical equipment, the training of doctors. Increased wages. Government will fully fund the public health service. Improved medical insurance system.

14. Hospital will be established at the Central Clinical Hospital. The various hospitals will be rehabilitated and re-equipped. Pharmaceutical and insurance companies will be banned supervising treatment or medical research institutions.

15. Will be given the deserved compensation for veterans of war and labor, will be rehabilitated and reequipped Veterans Hospital, where a full medical and dental services will be provided and will be given free medicines. From the city budget, they will be sent to Georgia resorts to improve the health. Established transport and other benefits, veterans will receive psycho - rehabilitation.

16. for pensioners will be set compensation bills, they receive financial aid actually calculated by the minimum amount. They will enjoy free medical, dental services and free medicines.

17. For citizens dismissed from Penitentiary institutions will be launched an emergency rehabilitation program. It will train them in preferred qualify, they will be given advice on starting a business and an interest-free loan, or they will be employed in the City Hall.

18. Parking will be required to resolve the issue of "sitiparks" of its obligations. Without permission from the owners of the vehicles will be revised conversion issue, according to the laws in such cases necessary legal documents will be issued by law enforcement agencies. Taking into account the additional parking lots to be built on the territory of modern technology.

19. Will be updated the public transport fleet. Also will be carried out modern buses, which includes an emergency, "Elevators" for people with disabilities, will be added additional public transport: tram, trolley, cable ways and will feature a historic restoration of the Kura River as a navigable river.

20. For Physical Education gyms will be opened in capital as well as swimming pools, reconstruction and re-equipment will be provided to the existing gym, attention will be paid to sports and patriotic education of pre-school age and students. City Hall will fund military schools - patriotic, natural and civil defense programs. Encourage schools to inclusive education.

21. Will be financed the theatrical and musical groups from the capital budget, will be funded Georgian television and artistic - historical films, cinema, poetry and music festivals.

22. Will be entertainment and cultural events for the young students. Renewed student employment programs.

23. Government will take care of recreation zone expansion, in the neighborhoods will be built as decorative trees - plants. Will be in the sea, Lisi and Turtle Lakes coastal amenities and rehabilitation works. Refurbished and planted the sea in the vicinity of the resort. Rehabilitated the clinic and in the capital will be added modern spa resort. Arranged Zoological Park. Capital back to the Botanical Garden.

24. Will be the shelter for homeless animals, veterinary services. Domesticated animals will be walking in parks and squares, as well as international level exhibitions will be held.

25. Will be built on a modern municipal solid waste processing plant, which will result in the improvement of the ecosystem. Construction waste processing plant will be built as well as allowing us to use secondary construction waste.

26. The capital structure of public toilets, sewage systems and modern technology to create bio-gas to get to the factory. The use of heating systems or mini thermal power plant construction. The waste land fertilization is an important addition to the bio.

27. The capital's central districts ban on some of the uncontrolled construction activities. Treated the 10-year and long-term development plan.

28. For the purpose of increasing the road traffic safety measures are regulated light signal system. The addition of the warning signs, arranged over ground and underground passages, regulate the speed limit on the coastal zone and plains - burying the new highway.

29. Will begin construction of elevators, entrance halls and house roofs, the buildings will be done with the help of the co-chairs of the cleaning program "with Tbilisi City Clean-up" - the exercise. City Hall to implement the idea of Ilia Chavchavadze, delivery of centrally ecologically pure agricultural products at reasonable price to the population; There will be good agricultural and domestic markets.

30. Government will actively participate in and fund the social programs of the Patriarchate, the Church - the reconstruction of monasteries. Will participate in the construction of the new monastery complex and its amenities. Patriarchy and the Ministry of Culture, together with the impact of historical and religious monuments in the capital restoration - reconstruction. Also finance Patriarchy social programs, along with other religious groups.

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