"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Ivanishvili: Narmania deserves to be a Tbilisi Mayor
Davit Narmania is an image of a true politician for Bidzina Ivanishvili, former PM told journalists after the Georgian Dream Congress.
All the places in Akhalcixe local government are vacant
As the governor of Akhaltsikhe municipality, Besik Bliadze says, fot this time the competition commission is being completed. It is already known that the chairman of Akhaltsikhe municipality commission will be Oleg Sandroshvili.
Opposition holds meeting in Gudauri
As the chairman of “Georgian Group” Jondi Bagaturia said, the main subject of discussion is the codex of self-government and subjects concerning election environment.
Shota Murgulia to become the executor of Mayor
The deputy minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Shota Murgulia is assigned for the executor of Kutaisi Mayor.
Chairmen of Tbilisi home-owner's associations will be encouraged with 300 lari once in a quarter.
Chairmen of Tbilis home-owner's associations will be encouraged with 300 lari ones in quarter.
Several NGOs in Kutaisi don't trust members of Competition - Certification Commission.
Non-governmental organisations claim that the members of the commision are appointed by their political belonging and they are not taking an objective decisions.
Non-parliamentary opposition discusses new self-government codex
Non-parliamentary opposition held a conference today at hotel "Radisson."
More than 22 million lari revenue is planned for 2014 Zugdidi budget
According to the plan of 2014 Zugdidi municipality budget, revenue part would be 22 715.0 million lari.
Referential duties will be worked out in Zugdidi municipal transport
Zugdidi municipality transport will have preferential duties for students and other residents form next year.
Batumi budget for the next year is seized by 11 millions
The budget of Batumi for 2014 is less for 11 million compared to last year and consists of 81,5 million laries.
Kazbegi city council gives permission to build hydro-electric power station
The city council of Kazbegi municipality has already given permission for building hydro-electric power station in Xdi gorge.
state kindergartens in Kutaisi can't handle number of children
The number of children at Kutaisi's state kindergartens exceeds the existing space. Not enough space in kindergartens violates the standards and it worries parents.
Senaki municipality chairman is dismissed again
Senaki municipality has dismissed the chairman Murad Shamatava fot the second time.
Kutaisi budget next year will be less for one million
As the executor of duties of Kurtaisi Mayor Giorgi Sharabidze said, the next year’s burget will be 42 168.
The City Council has removed the subject of attestation for public officials from timetable
Lanchxuti city council has renewed its session without one matter overseen in today’s timetable, the attestation for public officials.
City council is discussing new self-government codex
The meeting is attended by the deputy minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Tengiz Mergelashvili, the head of the department of communication with regions, Irakli Melashvili, the deputy of Tbilisi Mayor, Irakli Abesadze and member of City Council Mamuka Katsitadze.
The impeachment of Tbilisi Mayor depends on Gigi Ugulava
As the chairman of City Council said at a today’s press conference Gigi Ugulava should be more sensible in his behavior.
Saakashvili will approve the statement of Bokeria and the Governors today
the statements in connection with the resignation of the Security Council Secretary and the Governors will be approved till the end of the day,
The chairman of Kutaisi id blamed for alienation of lands
According to the member of Kutaisi municipality, Gia Gokadze, the chairman of Kutaisi municipality, Tamaz Margvelashvili has alienated thousands of square meters of land in different districts of Kutaisi for several years by his signature.
2 000 000 laries will be given to villages nearby the barber wire for warming
The minister of Infrastructure and Regional development Davit Narmania said about this during discussion of problems of villages located near the barber wires, in the government session.