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Discussion held on giving Zugdidi the status of the city
The minister of Infrastructure, Davit Narmania, his deputy Tengiz Margelashvili and the head of the department of communication with regions, Irakli Melashvili also attended the discussion.
The procedures of announcing distrust to City hall are changed in new self-government codex.
According to new law more than the half of municipality members is needed to announce the distrust to Mayor or governor. The application should be revised within 10 days. In case 2/3 of municipality list members support the application the mayor will be freed from the post.
Chiatura remains without status of the city
According to new codex of self-government, Chitatura cannot get the status of self-governing city, due to the amount of residents.
The bureau of parliament has registered the self-government codex.
The bureau of Georgian parliament has confirmed the project of new self- government at today’s session. According to ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development the procedures of committee discussion will be held in the nearest future.
Right defenders speak about the necessity of independent monitoring councils in penitentiary systems
As non-governmental organization “for Our Right” chairman Davit Liluashvili said at today’s press conference the creation of such council is vital for better defending of convict’s rights.
Narmania to meet media local media and non-governmental organizations
According to minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Davit Narmania, they will provide non-governmental organizations with all information about changes in self-government codex, to help them inform the society.
Vakhtang Balakvadze left Imereti
The governor left Imereti before president approved his dismissal.
Ugulava to meet the representatives of non-governmental organizations
Tbilisi mayor Gigi Ugulava met the representatives of non-governmental organizations. The main subject of discussion was the simplified rules and procedures for getting public information.
Ministry of Agriculture starts working out cooperatives in villages
The aim of establishing cooperatives is increasing jobs, inculcation of modern technologies and increasing the potential of agriculture and the export of its products.
The ministry of regional development will present the new codex of self-government to Rustavi residents
The meeting will be attended by the first deputy of the minister of infrastructure, Tengiz Margelashvili and the chief of public relations of government office in regions and self-governments, Irakli Melashvili.
The chairman of Senaki municipality will be declared impeachment again
The chairman of Senaki municipality started his job today after the court justified him but he already received announcements of 19 members of municipality, saying they want the impeachment of Murad Shamatava again.
The fund of municipal development will built 81 new dispensaries
As the deputy of minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Shota Mugrulia said after the meeting with governors of municipalities, the ministry has already announced the tender and the process of choosing companies is already going on.
Regions given 230 million for infrastructural projects
The deputy of minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Shota Mugrulia met the governors of municipalities today.
Zugdidi will get firewood vouchers
The head of Zugdidi municipality press service Maia Gurckaia said the residents will get firewood vouchers.
Ozurgeti dwellers complain about the persecution of the Armenians
Ozurgeti ethnic Armenian dwellers, living in Janashia street complain about oppression from government on their family members.
The self-government codex was first discussed in Gori
The public discussion on new codex of self- government has begun in Gori. About 400 people gathered in university.
Irakli Melashvili - the main task of self-government reform is to solve problems at the place
Head of the Government Office's Department of Relations with Regions and Self-governments Irakli Melashvili thinks that the new code will bring qualitative changes in the relationship between society and the state.
United Water Company’s regional service center director has resigned
Georgian United Water Supply Company’s press center said that Jason Tsintsadse addressed the company for release today.
The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia will present the Code of self-government to experts
The Regional Development and Infrastructure Minister David Narmania will present the Code to experts and discuss the planned changes with them. Experts and NGOs working on self-government reform will participate in in the meeting.
The chairman of Republican Party in Ozurgeti is leaving the office
The local leader of Repunlican party Tifo Mikatadze is leaving his post. As he said the main reason, he became involved in politics was the wish to dismiss SaakaShvili’s regime and UNM from politics. Now, when the government has already changed Mikatadze wants to try himself in other fields such as Business.