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Non-parliamentary opposition leaders meet U.S. delegation
Non-parliamentary opposition leaders meet U.S. delegation
Tbilisi mayoral candidate Kakha Kukava and a non-parliamentary opposition leader Pikria Chikhradze met Thomas Melia and other representatives of the U.S. delegation.
The upcoming self-government elections and current election environment were discussed.
As the non-parliamentary opposition leaders stated, the U.S. delegation was informed about the violations that have taken place recently.
“Incidents of using administrative resources have been especially frequent by the ruling party. Media equality between the political subjects is also very important for the opposition, as the non-parliamentary parties face big problems there. U.S. delegation members stated that they will emphasize the information provided by the non-parliamentary opposition. The U.S. supports democratic reforms in Georgia and process of changes. Thomas Melia voiced hope that the planned elections will be held in compliance with international standards”, the Non-parliamentary opposition representatives stated.


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