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Kvareli governor arrested
Kvareli governor arrested
Governor of the Kvareli town, Davit Kevkhishvili, the governors of two other villages of the Kvareli municipality and several activists of the Georgian Dream coalition have been arrested by the police this morning. The detention followed the clashes and disputes at the rally organized by the governor`s supporters at the Kvareli municipality. They nailed the door of the local self-government chairperson`s office. The dispute lasted until the arrival of the police crews, who detained the protestors, including the governor.
Governor`s supporters say they will report the names of those officials, who are controlling the processes against Kevkhishvili. The protestors threw eggs to the building of the Sakrebulo, after which they were arrested by the police.
This incident was preceded by a riot in the Sakrebulo building, where the Sakrebulo members were discussing the impeachment of the governor. Kevkhishvili`s supporters intruded into the session hall and disrupted it. Kevkhishvili`s supporters say these processes are controlled from the central government.

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