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UNM: PM violated election code
UNM: PM violated election code
The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili violated the Election Code when he said at the Cabinet Session on 23 April that the rating of the Parliamentary opposition was 6%, the United National Movement said. UNM addressed the inter-agency commission with regards to the issue. According to the letter dated by 24 April, the Chairman of the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia publicly said that only 6% of the population supports the United National Movement according to the results of the elections-related public opinion poll.

The United National Movement claims that along with spreading the "wrong information", the Chairman of the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia did not publicly inform the society about who ordered and carried out the public opinion poll, who funded it, what was the exact formulation and order of the questions, the dates of the poll, the number of the polled persons, the method of selection of the participants, the areal of the poll, the number of persons who declined to participate in the public opinion poll and the margin of error.

According to the Georgian Election Code, the above mentioned information should be provided to the society upon publishing the results of an elections-related public opinion poll from the date of appointing the elections to the day of announcement of the final results of the elections by the Central Election Commission, and during 1 month period from this date, the UNM said. According to the United National Movement, the Georgian Election Code defines agitation against a political subject as a pre-election agitation and is subject to a fine of GEL 2000.

The UNM called on the inter-agency commission to have an "adequate and effective" reaction upon the facts provided by the Party over the alleged violation of the Election Code by the Prime Minister.

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