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Non-parliamentary opposition offers to political parties to unite
Non-parliamentary opposition offers to political parties to unite
As the statement released by Pikria Chikhradze and Kakha Kukava says, based on the research, non-parliamentary parties have a real chance of success in the upcoming local elections.

"On the other hand, it is inevitable to distribute votes between our associations under the fragmented healthy opposition forces, this pours water just over the government and the "National Movement’s" mill. May 3 is the deadline provided by law for the establishment of a joint parliamentary opposition bloc. We – the non-parliamentary opposition- express our readiness to put aside any disagreements and use the time remaining until May 3 for the expansion of the non-parliamentary opposition bloc. We appeal to all the parliamentary parties: do not miss a chance of victory, let’s come together and win the municipal elections together, "- the statement says.

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