"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia Election Program - 2016 Parliamentary Elections
Georgian Dream  - Democratic Georgia Election Program - 2016 Parliamentary Elections
"Georgian Dream" has a 4 point plan of speeding up economic growth, which will lead to qualitative changes in the development of the country, ensure fast growth of economy and increase prosperity of the country. Economic reform will be oriented on maximum support and encouragement of private sector. 4-point plan of "Georgian Dream" includes:

Structural reforms; 
Open governance;
Education system reform; and
Infrastructural development.

For favorable business environment it is important to have attractive tax system. Apart from low taxes, it is necessary that there is proper and effective tax administration. Business will not be taxed with profit tax in case of profit reinvestment; Without court decision, business accounts can no longer be seized; Tax inspection timing will be regulated and preliminary detention will be abolished for economic crimes (apart from exceptional cases); The state will promote starting up new businesses. Due to economic reform, business sector will have more opportunities for fast development, which will increase employment and prosperity of the population.

The most important components of favorable entrepreneurial environment is accessibility of quality state services on the one hand (business house will be established where every respective public institution will provide services to business on the principle of "One-stop shop"); on the other hand, it is readiness of the government to maintain dialogue with private sector and actively involve it in decision-making process.

Fundamental educational reform will be carried out. Higher education will be based on economic needs and private sector requirements. In line with private sector, personnel will be trained, which will directly affect reduction of unemployment. We will take care of improving teacher qualifications. Education reform will ensure maximum and effective involvement of human resources in the development of the country.

Spatial planning scheme will be main framework of development of the country. Transportation network connecting regions will be developed along entire Georgia, because the country has ambition to be transportation and logistics hub of the region. The mentioned reforms will ensure faster development of economy and qualitative transformation in the development of the country.
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