"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Georgian Sportsmen's Community
03 June, 2014
Motto: "Healthy nation - strong state"

Political direction: centrist

Main program priorities:

Economics: development of concrete concept of the state national economy taking into account social-economic condition of the society on transitional stage.
Foreign Policy: good friendly, partnership relations with neighbouring and other countries in economic, cultural and various issues.
Territorial Arrangement of the state: regional
System Arrangement of the state: presidential
Political background:
Date of founding 1994; first registration: 1994, New registration: 1998
Founders: veteran sportsmen
Organisational structure: congress (once every 4 years) - main committee (is elected for a 4-year term, 31 members: Edisher Machaidse, co-chairmen: Manuchar Machaidse, Leri Khabelov, Temo Kabarashvili, Valeri Giorgobiani - a secretary general) - a chairman (is elected for a 4-year term, last elected 1998).
Chairman: Edisher Machaidse (born 1956, in Tbilisi), an engineer, a teacher, Ph. D. in technical sciences. In 1979 graduated from the department of civil and industrial construction, at Georgia Politechnical Institute, in 1989 - Pedagogical department at the State Institute of Physical Culture. Since 1988 - a member of arbiters' committee of the World International Federation of Wrestling (FILA). Professional experience: 1973-1980 - a sport instructor at sport society "Dinamo", 1980-1984 - a state trainer at the committee of Physical culture and Sports of Georgia. 1984-1988 - a director of a special sport school in high mastering in wrestling. Since 1988 - a director of Georgia Physical Culture Technical College. Political experience: Since 1994 - a chairman of Sportsmen's' Union of Georgia. Participated in 1995 elections by party list in the bloc: "Reformers Union - National Consent" did not get an MP.
Married: wife - Tea Gvimradse and 2 children
Address: 2 Shatberashvili St. Corp. 8, Apt. 51 Tbilisi Phone: 290329, 877 425417
No of members: 11200 (active - 3050).
Youth organisation: Youth Union of Georgian Sportsmen. Founded in 1998, has 1200 members, is not a judiciary person. Leader - Nana Kazarashvili. Address: 6 Konstitutsia St., Tbilisi, phone: 953006, fax: 957438
Regional organisations: 7 regional and 41 rayon organisations
Political background:
The party participated in 1995 parliament elections, in the bloc "Reformers Union - National Consent" ("Reformers Union", political union "Kolkheti"), received 2.78% of votes, had 2 majority bloc MPs in the parliament.
Pre-election program priorities: 1. Economics 2. Foreign policy 3. State territorial arrangement 4. State system arrangement 5. International relations 6. Restoration of national dignity 7. Harmonious raising of young generation 8. National state priority
The party participated in 1998 local self-governing bodies' elections in the bloc "National Consent" (Reformers Union).
The party supported Eduard Shevardnadse in 1995 presidential elections.
The party partially supports the present government course - foreign course is fully acceptable, the party does not agree with the home course.

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