"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
The Union of Social Justice of Georgia (USJG)
03 June, 2014
Motto: "Justice"

Political direction: left

Program priorities:

Economy: addressing consequences of illegal, anti-popular privatisation, state property.
Foreign policy: neutrality, friendship and co-operation with neighbouring countries, establishing neutral state
State territorial arrangement: federal (federal at the current stage, unitary in future)
State system arrangement: parliamentary

History of establishment:

Date of founding: 1990; First registration: 1992, Last registration: 1998
Founders: Archil Ioseliani, Daredjan Ioseliani, Alexandre Elbakidze, Otar Egadze, Giga Lortkipanidze, Givi Ioramashvili
Organisational structure: congress (once every 2 years), - board (is elected for 2 years, consists of 9 members: George Lekiashvili, nikoloz Giunashvili, vajha Kochiashvili, Irakli Bregvadse, Ledi Tirikia) - chairman- Archil Ioseliani (is elected for 2-year long term, last elected in 1998)
Chairman: Archil Ioseliani (born1951, in Tbilisi), a mathematician, a sculptor. Graduated from TSU, Departments of Mathematics (1973), Social Professions (1985). 1977-1980 - post graduate studies at Moscow, Hydrometeorological Center. Professional experience: 1973-1977 and 1980-1983-a research worker at Hydrometeorological Research Institute. 1983-1985 - a senior research worker at Georgian Department of Oil Research Institute of Northern Caucasus. 1985-1995 - a head of the laboratory at Politechnical Institute of Georgia. 1989-1990-a head of construction department of Popular Front of Georgia. 1993-1994 – participated in military operations in Abkhazia. 1990 parliamentary elections: participated as a majority candidate and by party list of the bloc "Democratic Georgia". 1992 parliamentary elections: MP. Participated as a majority candidate and by party list of the Union of Social Justice . 1992-1995 - a member of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and a chairman of the Subcommittee of Agriculture.1993-1994 – a chairman of the fraction "Progress", 1995 - a deputy chairman of the fraction "borjgali". Participated in 1995 parliamentary elections as a majority candidate and by party list. Participates in 1999 parliamentary elections as a majority candidate and by party list.
Married: wife - Natela Akhaladze-Ioseliani and 4 children

Political background:

The party participated individually in 1992 parliamentary elections, received 1.86 % of votes, was represented by 2 MPs.
Pre-election program priorities: promoting democratic principles, preserving the role of state property, developing market economy
The party participated individually in 1995 parliamentary elections, received 1.05% of votes, was not represented in the parliament.
Pre-election program priorities: addressing consequences of illegal and anti-popular privatisation, re-establishing priority of state property in agriculture and industry.
The party did not participate in 1998 local self-government elections. Reasons: main principles of local and regional governance had been considered anti-democratic.
The party did not support any candidates in 1991 presidential elections.
The party supported Jumber Patiashvili in 1995 presidential elections.
The party does not support the present government course as the government lacks a clearly defined strategy.
The party is registered in CEC, grounds: MP-Nodar Pagava, an authorised representative in CEC: Irakli Bregvadze
Pre-election program priorities: the pre-election program for 1995 parliamentary elections remains in force, the assent is made on care for vulnerable groups.

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