"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Conservative (Monarchist) Party of Georgia
03 June, 2014
Motto: Lord, Motherland and King
Political Direction: rights
Program Priorities:
Economy: Private property, development of small and medium-scale business, organising an effective anti-corruption system, supporting local production development, establishing favourable and reasonable taxation system and promoting the institution of middlemen, balancing import and export shares through reviving national industry.
Foreign policy: Western orientation, closer links with Western civilisations and especially with monarchist states, defining Georgia's place with respect to various international unions and groupings such as the NATO and EU.
State territorial arrangement: federalism (in perspective)
State system arrangement: Constitutional Monarchy
Since1991- a member of the "International Union of London Conservative Political organisations".
Date of founding: 1989; first registration: 1992; Last registration: 1998
Founders: Temur Jhorjholiani, Andro Chelidze, I. Phalavandishvili, M. Makashvili, G. Khonelidze
Organisational structure: Didi Darbazi (once every 2 years) - main board (Temur Jhorjholiani George Nasidze-an executive officer, Dali Tsereteli-an assistant of the executive officer, Gocha Tsutskiridze-an assistant of the executive officer, Michael Dumbadze-a head of the organisational department, Nugzar Meskhi-a head of Tbilisi office of the organisational department, Ramaz Sukhitashvili-an assistant of the head of the organisational department) – a chairman (elected by Didi Darbazi for a 2- year term, last elected in 1998).
Political background:
The party did not participate in1990 parliamentary elections because the elections were based on old Soviet law and a Soviet mentality prevailed.
The party participated in 1992 parliamentary elections within the bloc "Mshvidoba" and received 40 % of votes. Was represented by 62(12) MPs by party list and 32(3) MPs (majority).
The party participated independently in 1995 parliamentary elections, received 3.9% of votes. Was not represented in the parliament.
Pre-election program priorities: intermediate stage-establishing parliamentary governance, final stage-constitutional monarchy.
The party did not participate in 1998 local self-government elections due to strategic and financial reasons.
The party did not support any candidates in 1991 presidential elections.
The party did not support any candidates in 1995 presidential elections.
In a view of members of the party the present course of the government endangers the future of Georgia. The remnants of the system include widespread corruption, violation of human rights, inadequate social-economical conditions, and territorial problems.

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