"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Political Organisation "Mamuli" (Homeland)
03 June, 2014
Motto: Native land is the most important.
Political direction: centrists.
Main program priorities
Economics: state, private and mixed property. Development of economic structures based on national economy traditions and experience of leading economically developed countries.
Foreign Policy: principles of relationship: no interference in home affairs of other states, respect of so¬vereignty, equal rights and mutual advantageous collaboration. The party rejects violating of territorial and political independence. Georgia should get a member of democrat organisations for peace.
Territorial Arrangement of the state: decentralised unitary. (Republic type of arrangement. Economic freedom should be given to regions).
System Arrangement of the state: presidential.
Date of founding: 1993. First registration: 1994; new registration: 1998.
Founders: Teimuraz Bobokhidze, Kakhaber Okromchedlidze, Zaur Petriashvili, Ketevan Chabashvili, Ramaz Gvaradze, Spartak Bobokhidze, Gogi Narurlishvili, Kakhaber Chkhatarashvili.
Organisational structure: congress (once every 4 years) - central administration (for a 4-year term, 5 members: Teimuraz Bobokhidze - a chairman, Ramaz Gvaradze - a deputy chairman, Gogi Narurlishvili - public relations, Ketevan Chabashvilvi, Kakhaber Okromchedlidze) - a chairman (is elected by secret vote by a congress for a 4-year term, last elected in 1997)
Political background:
The party took part in 1995 parliamentarian elections individually; received 0.27% of votes did not have representative in Parliament.
Pre-election program priorities: presidential government. Decentralised unified state, private and mixed property. 50% of land should go to private ownership. Territorial integrity of the state, sovereign, independent, democratic country.
Did not participate in 1998 local self-governing bodies' elections.
In 1995 presidential elections the party supported E. Shevardnadze.
The party partially (in peaceful restore of territorial integrity) sup¬ports the course of current government.
The party is not registered in CEC.
The party does not take part in 1999 Parliament elections. The reason: after amendments in the Election Law, conditions for all parties are not equal. Parliament has only legislative function, the laws adopted by the Parliament are not realised by executive bodies.

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