"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
European Georgia
09 November, 2016
Date of establishment: 1995 year

Date of registration: May 28, 1999 year

Primary name: The Citizens' Political Union of Lecturers "SLK"

Motto: Lord, make Georgians love Georgia

Political direction: centrists

Program priorities:

Economy: scientific research and monitoring of current economical and social changes, creating relative models, paradigms. Elaborating principles for national mentality, developing national industry.

Foreign policy: encouraging participation in main international programs, such as "Silk Road", "TRACECA" and "BISEK".

State territorial arrangement: Federal

State system arrangement: presidential
History of establishment:

Date of founding: 1995; First registration; 28.05.99

Founders: lecturers and employees of the society "Tsodna", Nugzar Tsereteli, Sergo Kurashvili, Davit Gegeshidze, Tengiz Beridze, Konstantine Betaneli, Gari Chafidze, Nodar Bakradze, Alexandre kavtaradze, George Shatirashvili, George Mchedlishvili, Vakhtang Tevzadze, Meri Pataraia, tea Kareli, Mimoza Chitanava.

Organizational structure: congress (once every 4 years) -central board(is elected for a 4- year term, 45 members)-central board bureau(is elected for a 4-year term, 13 members: Nugzar Tsereteli – a chairman, Sergo Kurashvili - an assistant, executive officer, Davit Gegeshidze - an assistant, Tengiz Beridze - a member of the central board, Konstantine Betaneli - a member of the central board, Mari Chaphidze - a member of the central board), - chairman (is elected by congress, for a 4- year term, last elected in 1999).

Chariman: Nugzar Tsereteli (born 1935, in Tbilisi), Ph.D. in Philology, a writer. Graduated from TSU, Department of Philology. Since1994 - a member of the International Federation of Journalists; Since 1993 - a vice president of the international organisation, "Znanie". Professional experience: recent position: a chariman of the union, "Sazogadoeba Codna", (1990-until present). Political experience: 1994-1990 - a member of the Communist Party, a chairman of the Citizens' Political Union of Lecturers. Did not participate in 1990,1992 and 1995 parliamentary elections. Participates in 1999 parliamentary elections by party list.

Married: wife - Aza Antelava and two children.

Address: 49 I.Nikoladze St., Apt. 7 Tbilisi Phone; 22 5854, 990035,877414464 Fax: 936603

No of members: 7,000,(active-650).

Regional organisations: 16 district organisations

The party supports current course of the government, which is based on experience and is hoped to contribute to revival of the state.

The party is registered in CEC, grounds: MP- Anzor Tsotsonava, an authorised representative in CEC: Avtandil Nodia (Phone: 936990)

Pre-election program priorities: Targeting needs of "Intelligentsia", securing basic and civil rights of mentioned strata. Applying urgent measures for overcoming economic crisis. Supporting development of national industry and agriculture, creating viable employment system, establishing diversity of forms of property, securing rights and freedoms of businessmen, preserving national cultural heritage, strive for restoring territorial integrity. Building models of state political system and ideology around national traditions and customs with respect to the experience gained by the humankind.

Contact person: Nugzar Tsereteli - a chairman, Sergo Kurashvili - a deputy chairman
Address: 47 Kostava St. Tbilisi Phone: 2990035, 2996565, 2999446

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