"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia”
“United National Movement”
Indusrty will save Georgia
Indusrty will save Georgia
Political movement “Industry will save Georgia”
Leader: Gogi Topadze

Chairman: Zurab Tkhemaladze

Political Direction: Right centrist

Party was founded in 1999, on April 14.

Motto: Save the industry - Industry will save Georgia

Slogan: National production, the national ideology, national identity.

Program priorities of the state system setup:

Mixed - Presidential and parliamentary system. The prime minister and the government is focused on solving domestic policy’s main socio - economic problems.
Program priorities:

Promote industry development, support for small and medium businesses and create favorable conditions for starting up a business. Liberal tax policy, maximum simplification of tax administration. The elimination of the shadow economy. Creating an effective credit system.

The State’s territorial arrangement: the principle of asymmetric regionalism.

Election program:

Establishing the real self-government, create a strong middle class, civilized market economy, the creation of a new Tax Code, which means tax incentives for starting up small and medium business. Stimulate economic activity in the regions, review system of taking international loans and debts.
Organizational structure of the party:

Congers (is convened at least once every 4 years); the committee is elected for 4 years term and consists of 21 members: G.Topadze, Z. Tkhemaladze, T. Bezhanishvili, G. Giuashvili, Z. Kostava, T. Khacheishvili, T. Gogichaishvili, R. Aitsuradze, A. Kurtskhalia, G. Tkhemaladze, I. Tkhemaladze, M. Tsulukidze, I. Topadze, M. Katsadze, G. Javakhishvili, G. Cheishvili, A. Tavartkiladze.

The other organ of movement management is committee and advisory. The committee consist of 11 members, the advisory – 74 members.

Tbilisi, Napareuli str.1
Tel. 223495, 916275
Fax: 223495
E-mail: zura1944@yahoo.com, g.macharishvili@gmail.com
Contact Person: Marina Tsulukidze; Head of party office

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